Sibergin - 30caps

Sibergin - 30caps


HealthAid Sibergin contains highly concentrated Siberian Eleuthero root extract, matured to contain optimum levels of eleutherosides, which are believed to help sustain energy levels*. Eleutherosides in Siberian Eleuthero are believed to offer a steadier- and more natural- release of energy*. Siberian Eleuthero was traditionally used to prevent colds* and flu* and to increase energy* longevity and vitality*. It is widely usedas an adaptogen. An Adaptogen is a substance that helps the body cope better with either mental or physical stress*. Siberian Eleuthero is also known to help improve athletic performance* and increase muscle strength.

Free From GMO, Yeast, Gluten, Wheat, Starch, Lactose, Dairy, Corn, Nuts, Salt, Artificial Colors, Preservatives and Flavorings.

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  • High Potency Siberian Eleuthero extract

  • Contains optimum levels of Eleutherosides, the bioactive component

  • Powerful Adaptogen

  • Helps combat stress and fatigue*

  • Helps promote stamina and endurance*

  • Helps improve mental clarity and concentration*