Overcoming Migraines

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you can understand how debilitating they can be.


Growing up, I suffered through chronic migraines. Sometimes I was able to sleep them off, other times I was not as lucky. Along with the throbbing unbearable pain, came nausea and vomiting. None of it was fun.

Traditional western medicine was unable to cure the pain.  I kept food diaries to try and determine if it was a response to something in my diet, but with no luck. I became so accustomed to experiencing their brutal bi-monthly symptoms, solutions besides the high doses of prescription medication hadn’t occurred to me.

My mother suggested I try acupuncture. You can imagine my hesitation when I imagined myself on the examination table as I’d seen her through her recovery process, a human pincushion.  Thanks, but no thanks, was my first response. By my next migraine, I was willing to get beyond my resistance and try anything.  After my first treatment, I was more than just convinced.  I felt immediate and palpable relief.

However, soon enough, another wave hit me, but this time without the full power they used to have over me.  A few treatments and one herbal formula later, my migraines were almost a thing of the past!  For the next six months, I remained pain free… that is until I experienced another.  Immediately, I willingly went in for a treatment again, and felt cured. It’s now been almost eight years since those first few treatments, and I’ve only experienced a handful of splitting headaches since. The relief has been truly astounding, priceless.

Between bearing witness to my mother’s complete turn around, and that of my own, I was certain of what I wanted to do with my life – Help people using natural modalities and their own bodies energy.