Testimonials & Reviews

 “I’ve been facing a long laundry list of issues since a series of car accidents a year and a half ago, and despite no change from trying an acupuncturist twice before I decided to give it another shot based on a friend’s reccomendation.

First and foremost, I can’t reccomend Sam more just based on what a kind and good human being she is. Right as you walk in the door, you can tell she is so genuinely concerned for your wellbeing, and doing her very best to understand and note every ailment you have. We spoke at great length about each detail of all of my issues (from my hands to my elbow to my knee down to my ankles). She’s extremely professional in noting down lots of details about everything, and gets a very thorough picture of what’s going on. After this she went on describe in great detail what her course of treatment would be, in addition to absolutely expertly delivering it. Her needlework is SUPERB, and I almost couldn’t feel most of the needles she put into various locations. She also describes with great detail what each needle is doing and why it’s there.

After just one session, despite NO impact from the other two times I attempted this method of treatment with someone else, I felt marked improvement with all issues. With two sessions, even better! Needless, I’ll be continuing treatment with Sam until I’m back to 100%. She’s made me very optimistic I can even get there after months of extreme physical limitations.

I can’t reccomend Sam highly enough. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with her ASAP if you have any issues that might be treated by accupuncture.”


“I was recovering from ACL surgery when I first went to Samantha. I was in a lot of pain and the recovery process was going slower than expected. Part of my leg was completely numb to the touch. To be honest I was getting depressed about it because I’m used to being active. Samantha confronted it head on with a lot of acupuncture and herbs. Every session I felt better with less pain and the recovery started to go much faster. And my leg started to get sensation back.
I’ve also seen Samantha for treatment for cluster headaches, also extremely painful. After a few sessions the headaches became less frequent until the cluster itself was gone. She knows what she’s doing and I trust her completely. Can’t express enough gratitude here.”


“I started seeing Samantha for acupuncture and cupping treatments to reduce pain I experienced in my mid-back. Not only did her practice help alleviate my pain, but she also helped me reduce stress and regulate my energy levels. Samantha’s kind and caring approach sets her apart from other practices. She’s talented at what she does, but her personal investment in my improvement is what kept me coming back every other week.”

-Taylor R.

"In never having acupuncture before, I was thankful to start my treatment with someone as caring, kind and thoughtful in her work as Samantha.  A process that was carefully explained, at the beginning of my first treatment and slowly progressed into my recovery from years of physical exercise and training. Having someone that truly understands the body and its workings is so crucial to health and medicine. Samantha not only engages in listening to you as a client, but is also able to pinpoint the source of your discomfort.  A nurturing environment, that has allowed me to experience first hand the benefits of Aqu."

 - Alexis

“Samantha's style of treatment is not only incredibly clean and professional, but it encompasses a whole body approach to wellness. She provides a plethora of knowledge based on one's specific concern or imbalance and I definitely have felt like I have been in amazing hands each session with her! She's gentle, calm and attentive. I am an esthetician and I love her cosmetic acupuncture treatments for an alternative to some of the invasive treatments that exist out there. In combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle (in which she guides you so gracefully through!), you will leave her space glowing and beautiful. I am so impressed with these natural approaches to preserving our youth! Will be a regular, for sure! Thank you Samantha.”

-Abby J.

"I had a wonderful experience working with Samantha on facial Acupuncture. All my friends, including my facialist, commented how much more tone my skin looked. It is very relaxing when you do it, absolutely painless as the needles are small and not very deep, and leave the skin of your face look radiant. Over time the results are even more obvious. I can see the difference in pictures too. Definitely a good alternative to other form of anti-aging procedure, especially if you are a chicken when it comes to surgery like I am."

-Simona M.

 "I originally came to Samantha for a host of nerve pain issues, from sustained trauma to my radial nerve to chronic sciatica. She has truly changed my life through pain management and allowed increased sensation in my arm. Not to mention her exceptional bedside manner. She is thoughtful and thorough and I always leave a session feeling nurtured and as though my overall wellness is a priority."

-Ellie K.

"I love getting treatments from Samantha! I've been getting acupuncture for 15 years, and Samantha is by far the most gentle yet effective practitioner of Chinese medicine that I've encountered! I feel uplifted, relaxed and joyful after her treatments... She has an unexplainable magic that she works with those needles! Thank you, Samantha!"

-Lauren S.

"Samantha is a radiant breath of healing fresh air. She goes about the procedure with such calm and efficient professionalism, you feel 100% taken care of and in a complete state of relaxation. I didn't have a moment to consider the needles because it was all already done, with calm focus and precision. I feel clear headed and centered after my treatments, and in a position to take on my day. She checks in during the week to monitor my results too. Samantha even referred me to an insurance specialist who has signed me up with a health plan that covers unlimited acupuncture. This has in no small part changed my life and I couldn't be happier, thank you Samantha!"

-Susannah O. 

"What a great experience! I'd never had acupuncture before, and will admit I was a little nervous about the needles. My acupuncturist, Samantha, made me feel comfortable and relaxed - and she was so experienced and talented with the needles that I didn't feel a thing! If you have any reservations about acupuncture, this is the place to go. I was in a car accident and have pretty serious back pain, so my chiropractor recommended I try acupuncture. I've had such great results that I can't believe I didn't start sooner! My back is so much more relaxed, and muscles that were tight for years are finally starting to loosen. I can't wait for my next session!"

-Devin B.

“Before receiving treatments from Samantha, I suffered from chronic pain in my shoulders and lower back. After my first treatment, I felt an immediate and substantial change for the better. The strain and tightness I had become so used to living with was gone. I had never considered Chinese / natural medicine before then but now after multiple sessions with Samantha, combining acupuncture and cupping, I swear by her treatments. Not only is she skilled at what she does, but she is also very knowledgeable of health-conscious topics. I always leave having learned something new. Her care is all encompassing and I would recommend it to anyone!”

-Eric M. 

“I have been curious to test out acupuncture in hopes that it might relieve the chronic neck and back pain I suffer from. However I was hesitant to do so when friends told me I probably wouldn't notice the difference right away. Yesterday I tested it for myself and I can honestly say the results were immediate, my neck hasn't felt this good in years, the pulling sensation has completely subsided. Not to mention my spine has never felt so straight. I am flabbergasted!”

-Bailey H.

"Samantha is truly a healer. I felt calm for days following my treatment. I love that she includes the option of cupping too. She is a pro with the needles and quick, you barely feel a thing. Samantha checks on you during the treatment and you always have a call button just in case. The location is quiet and there is always street parking. If you are experiencing pain of any kind, sleeplessness, or curious about acupuncture, go see Samantha. Also, she is affordable, she looked into my insurance and found a way for me to have a minimal co-pay!"

-Lauren B

"I have had bad knees for a long time. I decided to try acupuncture to see if it might help. Samatha was so great and new exactly what she was doing. I am not a needle person.! That is one thing for sure but she made me feel totally comfortable and it really was not bad at all. She did the treatment for my knee and few times and it helped tremendously. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

-Vivian H. 

"I was pretty skeptical about "alternative" or "Chinese medicine" in general. I've been an athlete all of my life and started to have some problematic pain in my right shoulder that was hurting my triathlon swim training. My girlfriend recommended Sam and I reluctantly gave it a try. After a couple sessions I started to notice a huge difference. I was able to breaststroke and free stroke without any shoulder pain after 3 sessions. Sam was amazing and provided a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. If I ever have any sports pain again, I'm going straight back to her for more sessions."

-Andrew Z.